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1) Do not aim the handset or flash window at your eyes.

2) Do not use the device around eyes, eyebrow or eyelashes as this could

cause serious and permanent eye damage

3) It is normal if your skin gets redness after IPL treatment. You can cool

the skin with ice water or cold wet towel.

4) Do not clean the flash window directly with alcohol spray.

5) Do not use with any Gel cosmetic products.

6) Try not to eat the photographic food, such as spinach, bok-choy,

Chinese broccoli,etc.

7) For the best results, you can use the acceptable higher intensity level

which not hurting yourself.

8) Avoid long exposure in direct sunlight (including tanning beds) for at

least 2 weeks prior and 48 hours post treatment. If you are exposed to

the sun after treatment, we advise using an SPF sunscreen to protect

your skin.

9) After the IPL treatment, please moisturizing your skin with non

-alcoholic cream or lotion.

10) Do not use in or around water.

11) For the darker skin tone users, the skin reactions may appear slowly.

Please watch the skin condition before increasing the intensity level.

12) Do not cover the air inlet and the air vents in IPL treatment.

13) The remained hair on the handset may causes cosmetically darken

the handset, but it will not affect the normal use of the handset.

14) It is normal the lamp tube be darken in its late life that will not

affect the using of the handset.

15) Avoid storing in places with strong magnetic fields and severe

humidity and dust or high temperature places.

16) Keep out of reach of children. We recommend that the handset

should not be used by anyone under the age of 16.

17) Do not open or attempt to repair the device at any time.

18) Do not strongly strike or knock the handset.

19) Do not use the handset for any purpose other than the designated



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